Social Media

Have you ever wondered what the best strategy for social media is? Any strategy that allows your audience to engage and interact, re-distribute your message, and increase awareness of your business is the ultimate goal. In the process, you can also acquire new customers and brand advocates for your business. Below are four keys that WTXL digital recommends you keep in mind when building your social media strategy.


What type of personality are you giving your brand. This should be based on your target audience.


If I’m a commercial real estate agent I’m likely not going to utilize Pinterest or Snapchat as my primary social media platforms. You have to think where you will find the majority of your specific audience.


Not all industries are as fun and easy to write about as travel, food, clothes or entertainment. Even if you run a B2B company, you can still reap the benefits of social media as you educate people and create brand advocates.


How often should you post on social media? This will depend on your industry, the frequency of changes in your business, and your target audience.

Whether you need 5 posts a month or 5 posts a day...

we can create a custom social media strategy that meets your business needs.

Remember, it’s called SOCIAL media so have fun interacting with your audience and be SOCIAL!

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