Banner Ads

Think of these as digital billboards. Two main differences with this form of billboard is that a conversion can take place when a potential customer clicks on your ad and are driven to your website!

Additionally, these billboards CAN BE TARGETED!!

What does this mean for your business? Good question- if you were so inclined, you could target left handed soccer moms who drive a red minivan from zip code 32327. Other targeting methods we would recommend include household income, homes with children, sports enthusiasts, individuals seeking to purchase something specific, etc.

The point is that we can get as granular as necessary to drive qualified customers to your website.

It’s crazy but because of what we do online, each of us has an online persona

This makes it easier to put your ad in front of people who are looking to buy your product or service.

This means that we can show your message to a highly qualified audience and do it for significantly less money than a billboard.

One of the most powerful methods of banner ad utilization is called geo-fencing. You can actually place a fence around your competitor so that when someone enters their business they have the chance to see your ad on their phone!

The last method we can utilize is re-targeting or re-messaging. When someone visits your site and then jumps on another site we can continue to show them your banner ad. This is hugely effective in supporting your marketing efforts as it keeps your business "top of mind" with a consumer about to make a buying decision.

So many options, I know!

Let us put together a customized plan to help you drive brand awareness and leads.

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